General User Guide

Verify device assigned “IP_Adress” by router, enter https://local_IP_address in browser to login to device, then go to left panel, click on DeviceName -> Settings -> Configuration and uncheck the “Do not advertise presence…” box which will allow you to access device from anywhere with friendly URL otherwise access via

To power device on or off, you can simply plug/unplug the power adapter from power outlet. Alternatively, you can login to device via web UI, go to left panel, click on DeviceName -> Settings -> Device to shutdown or reboot device.

In order for the "activate" button to get enabled the password should be a minimum length of 6 characters and they must match. If you use a personal encryption key, it too must be a minimum of 6 characters.

You can email your support request directly to To help isolate device specific captcha, please provide additional device specific details on system, OS, browser, etc.

You should be able to download the Android and Windows Native Apps within 2 weeks from

The Apple Native Apps are currently in development and targeted for release sometime in Q1 2016.

For a 16GB version, the total box capacity is 16 GB, out of which 10 GB is for system use and the remaining 6 GB is for the user data/storage. In order to increase shared cloud storage, you can add external USB drive (>100GB).

You can use typical USB flash drives (e.g; Kingston, Patriot, SanDisk, …) and USB disk drives (e.g; WD, Seagate, Toshiba, …) available at computer stores. The Pixeom USB port power is sufficient to power standard devices but some may require its own power supply such as roll your own types.

The 64GB USB flash drive is auto-mounted as private storage for use only by the pixeom device owner. If the USB drive is greater than 100GB, the owner has the option to use it as shared cloud storage. To use as shared cloud storage, click on the pink ring in cloud settings and add disk to cloud storage pool.

File App

To share a file or folder with other users, you create and email an invitation link.  The invited user receives and accepts the invitation link.

Club App

You create a private club and invite users via an invitation link. The invited user receives and accepts the invitation link.

Market App
If you have any other questions, just send us an email at