Protect your Data and Wallet

Protect your data and wallet – Pixeom’s personal cloud challenges datacenters with a community-owned network


We at Pixeom dream of the day where subscription fees, usage limits, and shameless selling of personal data are a thing of the past. We also dream of ending world hunger and curing cancer. We decided it was best to tackle one problem at a time…by first creating a small, low-power cloud device. The Pixeom device runs free apps for the owner, apps that do more than just file storage – things like collaboration boards, social relationship management, or creating interactive virtual storefronts. Multiple devices can be connected together to indefinitely increase storage capacity and mirror your data, while reducing downtime and cost.

Our favorite part of the Pixeom device is that it will optionally act together with other Pixeom devices form a global community that we call the Personal Exchange Network. Owners can clearly and easily share the public content they want, while keeping their personal files private and away from prying eyes. Anyone who doesn’t own a Pixeom device can browse the entire network of public content and participate in the conversations they are really interested in…whether it is talking about life, love, or twerking.

So if you also believe datacenters are the mainframes of our time, and want to have security and ownership of your data, drop that box and come talk to us at ShowStoppers, we’d love to hear your own thoughts on the future of cloud.