Cloud Infrastructure, Anywhere

The Pixeom software platform puts cloud infrastructure directly in the home and office

Hybrid Platform

Run applications in the public cloud or leverage the developer APIs available on local smart gateways to deliver the most superior cloud service experience.

Deployable Anywhere

Turn any device or hardware into a gateway for delivering high availability, low latency, and secure software services directly in the home or office.

Apps for Everything

Included cloud applications for Media, Productivity, IoT, E-commerce, and more greatly benefit from providing low-cost service, independent of network outages and security breaches.

Fully Customizable

We sell some products directly, as well as work with partners to license our platform and deliver a customized hybrid cloud service deployment with an appliance that runs on-premise.

Featured Product: Pixeom Cloudtop

The plug-and-play "Smart Storage Hub"

The Pixeom Cloudtop is a plug-and-play “Smart Storage Hub” which allows customers to access and share data on their existing USB drives from any device, anywhere in the world.

There are no winners in the choice between paying for iCloud or reading long manuals on setting up NAS boxes. Cloudtop takes a minute to set up, and gives all the file sync and share features that you love in a responsive, easy-to-use experience.

Everyone has the skills to use Cloudtop. Just plug in any USB drive and connect to a URL with a web browser!

How it Works